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Room Ids

There are many ids in Club Penguin, such as penguin ids, server ids, and very many more, but did you know that there is room ids? You can use these ids for very special things. Say a mascot logs into club penguin and you need their stamp or background? No fear, those ids can be used for this! By using this url, and putting the room id at the end, you will then be transported to that room once you login! The url is: http://play.clubpenguin.com/?login=true&rm= then after rm= you put the id, say you wanna go to the dock, you would put rm=800 like this. http://play.clubpenguin.com/?login=true&rm=800 then when you login you will find yourself in the dock! Here is a complete list of all the current rooms you can be logged into!

Town: 100
Coffee Shop: 110
Book Room: 111
Dance Club: 120
Dance Lounge: 121
Gift Shop: 130
Plaza: 300
Pet Shop: 310
Pizza Parlour: 330
Stage: 340
Dojo: 320
Dojo Courtyard: 321
Ninja Hideout: 322
Fire Dojo: 812
Water Dojo: 816
Ski Village: 200
Ski Lodge: 220
Lodge Attic: 221
Mountain: 230
Snow Forts: 801
Stadium: 802
Boiler Room: 804
Dock: 800
Beach: 400
Lighthouse: 410
Lighthouse: 411
Forest: 809
EPF Room: 323
Cove: 810
Cave: 806
Mine: 808
Mine Shack: 807
Recycling Center: 122
Box Dimension: 811
Cave Mine: 813
Hidden Lake: 814
Pirate Ship: 420
Ship Hold: 421
Captain’s Quatars: 422
Crow’s Nest: 423

This list will be updated as rooms get added, and or removed from the island!


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  1. http://play.clubpenguin.com/?rm=854#login/ wilderness///// heres the wilderness party id

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